4th of July Inspired: Morgan Hill Parade

  1. Amanda Banta says:

    Hailey your pictures are great! Welcome to Morgan Hill! Events like Freedom Fest are one of the reasons why we love it here too.

  2. Alison C says:

    This is so cute! We were the family across the way with the white dog and the baby. That’s my dad with the crazy hat :).

    In regards to the babysitter- there is a Morgan Hill moms Facebook page where you may be able to find some babysitters :). We are new to MH as well, such a great town

    • Hailey Williams says:

      AH! Im so glad you saw them! I was in LOVE with your dog.. if you couldn’t tell! haha

      Would love to check out that Facebook page too! We should connect some time and get our kiddos together!

  3. Morgan jud says:

    What camera do you use?!

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