We all have those photos we look back on from when we were kids, or if you’re lucky you even have photos back from when your own parents were young. There’s something so special about looking at generations before you. Seeing the cars in the background, the type of fabric on their couch, the emotions on their faces. Your family should be preserved exactly as they are today. Authentically, and beautifully.

Families, lovers, kiddos, and everything else

How much are sessions?

Session prices determine on what kind of session you’re looking for, how many people, location, etc. But on average, my 30 minute sessions average $375 and my one hour sessions average around $475.

How often should my family get photos?

As often as you’d like! At the very least I say once a year, but if you have littles, I say twice a year! Kids grow/change so quickly and it’s important to document those little changes as your family grows.

I’ve never booked a session before and don’t even know where to begin!

In the photography world, there is a lot of trends, just like you'll see in fashion and hair styles. I really try to avoid those at all costs. My photography style can be described as bold and true to life. I want you to look back on your photos and feel like you're looking through a window, reliving the day as it was - not how your photographer's editing style was that year. My goal isn't to be on the cover of some wedding magazine, it's to give you the best damn photos you've ever had in your family photo album. These photos are for YOU, not for me.

How many photos do I get and what’s your turnaround time?

You get all the best images from your session! Unlike some photographers, I do not put a cap on the amount you will receive. My turnaround time is typically two weeks!

FAQ's quickly answered

What if we started treating family photo shoots differently?

What if instead of perfectly manicured hair or everyone’s eyes at the camera, we cared about who our family was in this very present moment. We cared about the way your son is such a “mama’s boy” this year and how your daughter can’t go anywhere without her bright pink rain boots. What if we valued the way our kid’s always have grass stains on their knees, and the way you can get them to belly laugh with the tickles on their sides.

What if we honor the time you naturally spend together and just let go of the expectations of what a photo shoot “should be” and you just allow it to be what it will be. Everyone as they are. At a location that matters like your home, your neighborhood, or maybe even that little hole-in-the-wall taco place you all love to eat at. With an activity, a snack, a song, a dance, a favorite costume. Whatever and whoever your family is today, right this very moment, is what should be documented. And when future generations look back on these photos, they’ll be so glad you decided to book the family session.

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These popular family mini sessions are offered in the spring for wildflower season and fall for holiday photos.



From your maternity session to your in-home newborn session cuddling your sweet little babe. This discounted package gives you the full combo so that you don’t have to stress about booking a session after your baby is here. Once baby is here, you just simply have to shoot me a text to figure out a time that works best for us! Stress free, easy, and documents some of the most beautiful moments of your life.

"Beyond thankful for Hailey."

"She was recommended to us by a friend and we are so thankful to them that they recommended Archer Inspired. She was very kind, everything moved smoothly, and we ended up with the most amazing/beautiful pictures. We cannot wait to use her again! Thank you so much Hailey!"


"Hailey did such an amazing job on our newborn photos with our little one!"

"She's so lovely to work with, patient and edited our photos a week early! They turned out so great and we are so lucky to have worked with her. Cannot recommend her enough!"

- Candace

"Hailey is the greatest!"

"She has an incredible eye and makes regular, mundane looking backgrounds look absolutely stunning. She also makes you feel very comfortable when shooting. Our daughter had the greatest time running, laughing, and dancing while being photographed by Hailey. The pictures came out perfectly! Will definitely use Hailey in the future!"

- Joseph












Hailey Williams

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